Welcome aboard the S/Y Eleftheria

 Eleftheria   ( EL EF THE RIA )   means - freedom - liberty  -  independence  

Eleftheria is a "One of a kind Trechandiri" a boat of a small aft entrance angle, the traditional wooden boattthat has been sailing the Aegean waters for as long as anyone remembers.
The shape of the forward keel is very curvy, almost circular.
The ratio of overall length to average breadth at main deck is 3:1.

She was originally built in England by a English boat builder who - as we have found, lived in Mytilini, (the capital of the island Lesvos) sometime in the sixty's.
After studying the technique he bought wood and transferred it to England where the "Eleftheria" was built.
At some time, the boat sailed back to the Aegean and was rebuilt with a 15 meter mast, a long keel and permanent flaps that make sailing a joy.   

Now ready, she awaits to give you the pleasure of cruising with her.

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We are proud of our heritage and we believe we should share it 


I am Captain George and I was raised and educated in  Australia.
I have over 25 years experience skippering sea craft around the Greek Islands.
Our boat is the S/Y Eleftheria,  a 55-foot wooden built traditional Gree “Kaiki”  or working boat.
The design is based on craft sailing the Aegean for over 2,500 years.
This unique design offers comfort and space and the perfect
sailing structure for the Aegean which has not been improved upon since the ancient Greeks mariners first sailed these waters.

sailing in santorini

Our policy is to work directly with you, the client and avoid the “middle-man” keeping the quality high and the cost as low as possible to your advantage.

Eleftheria was completely refurbished in 2005 and as a wooden boat demands, every year after that !!


sailing santorini caldera

 S/Y  Eleftheria

Eleftheria can accommodate from 2 to 22 passengers in style and
comfort,with plenty of room for everyone to  have the space they need
to either sit and enjoy sipping wine or lying back and sunbathing
on the top deck.
She is ideal for small groups, families and miscellaneous celebrations,
for example: weddings, anniversaries, bachelor or birthday parties, etc.
We also cater for VIP tours, Private charters, Sunset cruise and
individual itineraries, BBQ trips and full day tours around Santorini
and the surrounding Islands.
As we have found in our over 25 years of professionally sailing
in the Aegean sea, most people on holidays would like to spend
quality time some by getting involved with the sailing part of the trip,
and some, just like to sit back and enjoy the ride.
Eleftheria can accommodate both of these passions !!!!

Santorini's  Caldera

Sailing with a traditional wooden boat is a pleasure that few people experience!

Santorini with its unique Caldera can be explored with a half day  cruise.
There is enough time to visit and swim at the famous Red and White beach the Hot Springs and the south bay on the volcano, where food is usually served and later, cruise into the Caldera looking up at Fira, Imerovigli and the old port.

A whole day sailing will take us as far as the island of Thirasia and the

north part of Santorini to the beautiful town of Oia and the gulf of Armeni.

Santorini Boat Cruise

 Dimitris Mihalis

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The Crew

The crew of Eleftheria is the probably the most experienced on Santorini.

Professionals  that are experienced in meeting your needs
whatever they might be.
Fluent in Greek and English and with the knowledge to inform you
of the sites and history of the island.

Captain George has better knowledge and experience than any other in Santorini in dealing with VIP clients. His knowledge as expected, also
extends in knowing the local seas and conditions, and is a guarantee in
making sure that you havea safe and relaxing cruise.



Arrangements are made to pick you from your hotel and transfer
you and your friends to Vlyhada (the small but colorful marina ).

Once aboard, and while having a welcome drink you can discuss
details of your cruise.
With our long-time experience, we can fill you in on the small but
sometimes important details.... That can make a difference and
together we will find what is the best route to follow.



Our blend of hospitality and exclusivity will offer you ( or your clients )

the best possible experience while visiting Santorini.

We look forward to  further cooperation with you and are open to any
questions, requests or suggestions you may have.

The S/Y Eleftheria has all the safety equipment and facilities
along with the know-how to assure a safe tr

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